Hello and thank you for looking at my blog.
If you are looking for a developer and would like to know more about me, please keep reading.

Why would you employ me permanently or hire me for a project ?

I have a lot of experience in various technologies and i have been involved in enterprise level applications from beginning to the end. I can help organize the work, introduce an organized approach to the development process. I moved around a lot and I have been involved in various projects in various industries. With me, you don’t get just a programmer, you get someone who strives to understand what is needed and build it accordingly.

What is my strongest quality ?

I learn all the time, I keep my skills up to date and i don’t have any problems learning new things. Just because a specific skill is not on my resume, it doesn’t mean I cannot pick it up quickly.

What am I interested in ?

There are a number of technologies that I have no wish to be involved with, such as Classic ASP or Webforms. Please do not contact me about jobs which require these skill.

I am interested in working with latest technologies and using the best tools. They provide the best productivity for any developer. If I can afford to buy and use the latest version of Visual Studio so can any serious company. I am very fond of MVC, development patterns, DRY, SQL Server and even front end development. Please note however that I am not a designer and I cannot help with images / styling etc.

In terms of the employment process please note the following :

Under no circumstances will I take any technical tests or write any test applications for you. I have written a blog entry explaining why, feel free to read it here.
I am more than happy to talk to you about my experience, show you what I have done, show you production code and explain how I build things.

The first step is always a phone discussion. I want to understand what you are after, what kind of projects you need me for and how will I fit into your team. This avoids wasting everyone’s time if our mutual interests simply are not matched.

Second step will be a face to face discussion where we will interview each other.


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