Updated : 27/04/2016

Before you contact me for a new role please note the following :

1. I am interested in building a work relationship with a recruiter who gets to know me, what I can do and what I am interested in.

2. If I apply for a job through you, I expect constant communication and feedback until I get the final result, whatever that result may be.

3. You only send me roles which apply to my skills, are within my preferred area and the package is good enough to warrant my interest.

4. Give me useful details about the role, none of the usual marketing crap : market leader, amazing growth bla bla.

You’re welcome to contact me as long as these 4 basic rules are followed.

So, what information do I need from you?

  • First of all what am I needed for, what kind of project and what will my involvement be?
  • What’s the technology stack?
  • Why do you need me specifically?
  • What is the package, work hours, conditions?
  • Who will I be working with?

Feel free to have a look at my technical articles on this blog, my public code repository

and my LinkedIn profile.

Please note that at the moment I am not considering new roles, but you are welcome to get in touch and provide enough information and who knows, I will get in touch next time I am looking for something new.

Location : Southampton, within a reasonable distance or work from home – this is not debatable.

Required salary : 80k+, decent benefits package and bonuses.

I do : Dot Net development :

  • C#, MVC, MVVM
  • services in any flavour : web api, rest, wcf, service stack, windows services
  • database work – T-Sql, stored procedures, optimizations
  • ORMs : Entity Framework, Dapper, OrmLite or anything else
  • ADO.NET where performance matters
  • front end languages and frameworks – JavaScript, Angular, JQuery, Kendo UI and others
  • solution architecture

Mobile development :

  • Xamarin
  • Html5, Javascript
  • Phonegap, Kendo UI Mobile etc.

I don’t do : PHP, Ruby, Java

Interested in :

  • building serious products
  • complex platforms, from architectural level, down to coding
  • R&D

Not interested in : simple things anyone can do.


5 Responses to Recruiters

  1. Emma says:

    Salut Andrei,

    Interesant punctul tau de vedere de aici:
    Felicitari pentru unde ai ajuns din Bucuresti in UK si pentru modul in care poti lucra,mai ales partea remote.


  2. eidand says:

    Salut Emma.

    Sa stii ca nu m-am mutat in Anglia pentru job, oricat de ciudat suna. Sotia mea a venit prima si eu dupa un an. Am inceput sa caut joburi la cateva luni dupa ce am ajuns aici

  3. eidand says:

    thanks for the comment, Shaw.
    It made me realize I forgot to link to another posts which explains why I don’t do technical tests. You helped me fix this omission !

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