Bing, where is my Date Time filter?

There is no secret that I am a big Microsoft fan. I love what they do, the products they offer.

I love Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Office 365, OneDrive, my Lumia 930 phone, my Xbox etc . Yes, I am a Microsoft geek, in case you’re still wondering.

I want to use Microsoft’s products for everything. For example, Bing. Yes, I am not a fan of Google. They went from being a progressive company that pushed the limits of everything they touched, to becoming the old closed Microsoft. I don’t like Chrome and I don’t like  their search engine. I want to use Bing.

So what does any normal user do? He goes to, types a query and hits Enter. Oh look 2 million results. Ok let’s apply a filter, I only want to see the results from the past week, not those from 2013. Oh wait … where is the filter ???


Turns out, wait for it, there is no Date Time filter for us, mere mortals who happen to live outside US. Yes, you heard it right, you actually get extra filters if you are inside US.  I love you Microsoft but this time … it’s one of those face palm non-Kodak moments.

I am wracking my brains trying to understand why a search engine which wants to compete with the rest of them cannot offer such a basic feature. Nope, no luck so far, I can’t even begin to imagine an answer.

I first moaned about it a few months ago. I got a reply from Bing directing me to a feature request somewhere. Of course I would refuse such a thing, because this is something that should already be there. Several months and a new OS later, Bing still doesn’t have that option. Is it because of me not adding the user voice required? As much as I’d like to think I can make such a tremendous impact, I kind of doubt it!

Is it a big thing? Hell yeah … it’s a search engine … it’s like saying … we sell ice cream with tens of flavours all over the world but if you happen to live outside US we will only sell you the vanilla flavour… this is where I draw the line, DO NOT MESS WITH MY ICE CREAM!

Anyway, how did I get to ice cream from Bing? Mystery about as big as the lack of Date Time filters outside US!

Yes Microsoft, people use Bing outside US. or at least they are trying to, but you’re making it virtually impossible.

The big question remains. When are we going to get those filters and who do we have to kill ( or get in touch with …. long live the more peaceful solutions! ) to make it happen?


About eidand

Senior Dot Net developer specialised in C# / Sql Server / Mvc / Wcf
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