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Xamarin – Rest Services PCL

Xamarin – Rest Services from a PCL I see this on a daily basis especially on the Xamarin forums. How do I use this service from an iOS app? an Android app? a Windows app? How do I write a … Continue reading

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PCL Rpg engine – part 1 – actors and gear

I can see people wonder …. why would you bother ? Don’t we have enough engines already? Well, yes, but how many have you written so far ? Have you tried writing one? It is really really fun to work … Continue reading

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Starting with Xamarin or why I paid 2000 USD for a T-shirt and a monkey !

Hello again, This is my chance to talk a little bit about a platform that I absolutely love. I am pretty sure you can’t guess which platform I am talking about, right ? Yup, it is Xamarin. So where did … Continue reading

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Xamarin IOS – authentication using Owin, Web Api2, Json Web Tokens

This article continues the work done in a previous article :¬†Authorization system with Owin, Web Api, Json Web Tokens. We saw how to build an Authorization system based on Owin, Web Api and Json tokens. Next we want to see … Continue reading

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